Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fiber Friends

The best thing about going to sheep festivals is spending time with my fiber art friends. They not only understand what I do - they do what I do. Lisa Merian has been raising sheep on her 350 acre farm in Bainbridge all her life. She is Wool Goddess of the New York fiber art scene. Lisa teaches spinning, felting and fiber preparation all over Central New York, including the Earlville Opera House. She is often asked to judge the prestigious fleece competition at sheep shows. Lisa played a pivotal role in my life when she suggested I check out this area for a place to raise my own sheep. Amazing how one person can change your life. Candace Cain is the High Priestess of the Clan of Candace. I wear her beautiful handcrafted earrings on a daily basis. Candace has a flock of seven Bluefaced Leicesters and is quite a felter herself. Her nuno-felted scarves are highly sought after. I'm fortunate to have such talented people to rub elbows with. Carol Schwarzott is the creative force behind Crayonbox Designs. Carol taught art for many years before she decided to become an art book binder. She has books displayed in the Smithsonian Museum. Carol says she was inspired by my fibers and Bundaflicka totes to spin and knit her artsy purses and sew utility totes. She constantly comes up with new ideas and stunning fabric combinations. Carol really keeps me inspired and on my toes with my own work. Susan Carr is a dear friend to all of us, helping out at shows and being generally supportive. She lives in a log cabin in Earlville and spends a lot of time on the West Coast with her movie producer son. Susan's husband is a construction worker turned psychiatrist in Syracuse.

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