Monday, September 19, 2011

Nice Digs

Kim and I were all set to sleep in the back of her VW camper at the Fingerlakes Fiber Festival. The weather forecast called for a dip in temps which would have made our two nights outside a bit frosty. Somehow my bedding and pillow did not get into the van, complicating the matter a bit. I was ready to spread out some wool and make do. Libby Llop came to our rescue when she decided to go home to her farm in Caledonia and go fox hunting Saturday morning. She gave us her luxurious horse trailer with apartment attached to live in for the weekend! There was no electric hookup, but the trailer battery supplied us with music, heat, and one light to spin and knit by. I found Libby's headlight in a kitchen cubby, every farmer has several stashed around, and I was all set to read my NY Times and finally start the socks I've been planning. The full moon was hanging on for dear life, although lop-sided and fuzzy by now, and Jupiter was in full presentation next to it. I lay in the king sized loft bed, with Kimmie next door snoring away, and dreamed away in lovely, technicolor movies, the topic of which I will never tell.

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