Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good Morning

Yes, it is a good morning. After many hours of rain, blue sky is peaking through the clouds. As I was throwing bales out the upstairs window (I always yell "fire in the hole" first to give them a chance to move and not get hit by the 50 pound missile) I heard a sad little bleat coming from the east end of the barn. I looked out another hay tossing hole and saw a little doe goat hanging upside down from a wire panel. I scrambled down one of the two ladders I use to get up in the mow and found the poor girl with her hoof caught in the fence. Who knows how long she was hanging there. Thank God I heard her. I freed her and laid her down on the floor. I felt up and down her leg for a break, but couldn't find anything wrong. She can't stand up, and is quite upset. I put her in a pen with Ray Davies, a little black buck who I am treating for meningeal worm (the only case this year, thankfully). I gave her some water and fed her a few grains of corn. I left them together, hoping they both recover. It will be a long, worrisome day.

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Mary S said...

Can't tell you how much I enjoy your site. Hope the little doe goat is OK and also the buck.

Your site is one of the refreshing parts of my day, even tho today there was worrisome news. Hope all will be OK. Love the sign. MCS