Monday, September 26, 2011


Yesterday's Almond soap is divine, and today's Anise is very nice, too. I love a soap with a pungent, distinct scent that shouts what it is. I made some soap tonight with a new essential oil - Spruce Cedarleaf. Very piney. We'll see if the oil survives the lye. I was up waaay early to get out of the house at 7 to make it to an 8 am appointment at the dentist in Oneonta. First time in four years - foolish when you think of the dental benefits provided to me by the school. I brought the over-ripe bananas to school, a gift from Ron Wagner, my veggie man at the market, so they could make smoothies and banana bread. What an aroma we sent wafting through the wing. Home by way of Dreamweaver to pick up the Merino fleeces Heather says she cannot spin. Merino does not do well in her machines. That's okay - I will wash and dye them myself, and include them in my next roving run. Rhinebeck is looming in two and a half weeks and I have to get some fiber out to the carding mill. Driving around this area is a real treat this time of year. Breathtaking vistas everywhere you turn. The stars are gorgeous tonight. There's a huge planet above the ridge in the eastern sky and the Milky Way is a distinct swath across the sky from horizon to horizon. Owls are hooting on the ridge - love that sound.

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