Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Bro's

I have a tough job but there are some very dedicated, talented people who make it a lot easier. Mr. Potter, seated, is with me the entire day. Mr. McCumskey comes in and does "group" with us every morning, and is available in case we need him any time during the school day. The Amazing Robin is still with me, but afternoon only. Fortunately she is in the classroom next door in the AM, and takes care of paperwork issues, attendance, etc. (Robin really runs the place, she makes me look organized.) We had a fairly rough day today, but with the whole team on board we got through it just fine. Tonight is Back to School Night and I'm am required to stay here until 7:30. The farm is too far away to go home and come back. I went into Norwich proper and got grocery shopping done, banking, a Tractor Supply stop and made a run to Loew's for soap making lye. I won't have many parents stopping in my room as my class is very small. I have my NY Times and sock knitting to keep me occupied until the bell rings and I can RUSH home to my poor little Izzy. I know he is listening for every sign that I'm finally home. Chores will be late tonight.

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Four Owls Farm said...

I'm glad you have good support, your students are lucky to have you Maggie!!! xo