Monday, September 19, 2011

New Toy

I try to come home from every show with a "treat" of some sort for myself as a reward for managing to come up with enough product, getting myself registered there, actually getting the stuff there, working the booth, it goes on and on. I rarely allow myself anything utterley frivolous, opting to "make it myself" or buying something I can use to make more product. This year I decided to make Kimmie an offer for the new/old Louet wheel she scored on the internet. A woman in Canada wanted to unload it, and Kim, shrewd consumer and Louet dealer she is, saw the ad and went to investigate. This sweet wheel is a proto-type of the Louet wheel she and I both spin on, with some enhancements. It is even heavier and sturdier that the solid Louet wheel, and has an attached Lazy Kate for plying. Kim kindly offered to take wool and a Bundaflicka tote in payment, and I have another terrific wheel I can bring to school for spinning lessons with my students.

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