Saturday, August 27, 2011

Market Report

The market was affected by Hurricane Irene jitters I think, but I still did alright. I sold a bag straight off, then watched as people stroked and petted them all day. That's okay, as I need them for Colorscape and Fingerlakes. I bought fresh raspberries for breakfast with my earnings - money well spent. I found a tub of lovely bag fabric in the hay mow that will keep me sewing for a while. A woman who sews her own totes bought a couple of Bundaflicka Buttons for her bags. Staying up late to make a fresh batch of Shepherd's Friend Hand Creme paid off as I sold a few jars of it. Soap sales were moderate, but I was grateful as there are two other hand-made soap makers at the market. Home to wait out the storm. I'll have to get the big north side doors closed and the cross-brace up, and start filling up water containers. It's cloudy now and rain will start soon. Plenty of hay in the mow and I have cabbage soup to last for days - hmmmmm, good.

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Cornerstone Fibres said...

Keep warm and dry and SAFE!!!!
Kim and crew