Saturday, August 27, 2011

Late Night Creme Fest

I made Shepherd's Friend Hand Creme late into the night for today's market. I don't measure, but instead, go into a zen-like state and see what comes out. Last night's creme is really nice. I lather up my arms and legs to test each run of the Cuisinart for emolience and texture. This morning when I got into the bath tub, fuzzy and tired from lack of sleep, I thought, wait, what is on my skin? True to what I tell my customers, the creme has staying power - so I shaved my legs. I sold a few jars this morning, and must make more for Colorscape in two weeks. The ingredients are prohibitively expensive, but I love my creme. The last thing I do before I say my prayers, is reach for a jar.

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