Saturday, March 06, 2010

Inglorious Sunshine

The air is crisp, cold and BRIGHT. The kind of light that makes you avert your eyes when you step out the door. Haven't had too much to that lately here in upstate New York. Wish I could do some hillbilly gardening - bales situated in a box, top soil and manure inside, with an old window on top to form a greenhouse. My friend Mary has been growing greens that way for weeks now. With a tiny package of spinach going for almost $4, I want to grow my own. Trouble is I don't have a bale to spare. When Matt was away last week I put out a bale or two too many and ran out. Every bale is precious and every bale means a sheep doesn't have to yell for food until she gets tired and gives up. I tried giving them some corn but was swarmed and knocked down spreading the corn all over the place. The hay on the floor is so high on the inside of the stanchion wall the sheep can jump over it and get to me, making feeding time a wild frenzy. My sheep are not that big, except for the Rambos and my one remaining Merino, but a dozen two hundred pound sheep can take me for a ride. I've learned just to ride with it. My fleece pants and their wool equals a velco grip! Hay pick up is today, but last night we had nothing. Matt went around the corner to get some hay from our old hay provider, Mr. Maxim, and I was reminded of how lucky I am to have Postma hay now. The Maxim bales were light as a feather with no alfafa but the same price. Not a good deal. I have so much to do today I don't know where to start. I'm waaayyy behind on making product for Maryland Sheep and Wool. That school saps so much positive energy out of me and fills me full of angst. I told Matt I'm happy moving to New York has given him the chance to experience a new career with meteoric success in a non-profit agency that doesn't provide health insurance just my luck, but not so for me. I like the kids but not the grownups. And the bureaucracy....oh, please! I don't think I can change the way the school is run, but I can channel my energy into making my farm work. Have to get outside, soak up some Vitamin D which Nurse Tonya says I'm low in, play with the sheep which always makes me feel better, then come in and get to work. The apartment floor needs mopping but that will have to wait. Living in a barn presents certain challenges in that area. Better get outside...

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