Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day is Done, Gone the Sun

Home all dang day and loved it. I didn't even get dressed and did my morning chores in my jammies. It was two before I realized I hadn't washed up either. What heaven. I got my "Lipstick" run coordinated and ready to ship. I was going to head up to Staples in New Hartford but realized I could ship it from Hayes in Norwich after school tomorrow. They do my creme stickers so I can get that done at the same time. I still have wool cooking on the stove in the milk room. I'll have two big runs - Lipstick, which is a repeat of last year's wildly successful red, pink, orange and purple blend. Next comes Pacifica, named after the beach where Hannah and Luke surf in California. I started with Jacquard's Sky Blue, which I had a full pound of, left over from last year's Big Dye Purchase with my June teacher summer pay. I was determined to use up my dyes, and came up with Pacifica using the blue, then Spruce, Emerald, Fuschia and Purple (ofcourse, there is no escape from purple for me). If I get the amounts right it should be lovely and fly out of the booth. If not, I'll have fun spinning it myself. I'm also doing a small yellow run, mostly for my own satisfaction as I love yellow and it makes me happy. I can't duplicate last year's Chrome Yellow, which was almost half lime green angora, and OH, so wonderful. My bunnies are stripped naked and I can't afford what people are selling it for ($60 a pound or more). Most of the show people throw it away, and the fiber people, who know it's value, wisely hold out for the money. Can't blame them - it's the most fabulous fiber as far as I'm concerned. My Bluefaced Leicester is almost as soft, but the angora has the lovely halo. I got a batch of Lavender soap made today, between the wool picking. It set up right away and poured well. I have the wrapping fabric already cut for it. It's out to the stove for me. I finally got my jeans washed between wool loads. I will sew a little then go to bed. Matt worked on the tractor all day. He thinks it is a month until start up. Let's keep our fingers crossed. He watched The Pacific after helping me with chores. I realized the Marine Hero, John Basilone, is the one whose stature I saw a thousand times in Raritan, the little town across the river where I grew up in NJ. The highway overpass on route 202 where my school bus travelled is named after him. I ruined it for Matt when I told him the local VFW is named after him. Matt said then he must have died because they only name posts after dead people. I looked it up and sure enough he was killed on the first day of Iwo Jima. So sad. He was done with fighting after Guadalcanal and the Medal of Honor, and marrying a woman Marine he met at a base stateside, but had to go back to the war. "Where have all the young men gone, long time passing?"

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Four owls farm said...

Go Maggie! Yay for that Lipstick roving and all the other fun combinations - you can sleep after the show :) - Suzy