Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wild Weather

More storms threatening.  Dark, humid and steamy when I got out of work.  I let the sheep out to graze  right away before going in to deal with the doggies.  Grabbed a long bamboo stick and beat some little apples out of a tree for the sheep and goats to munch on.  Funny how they do not come down easily, even in the wind we had last night.  I'd rather the sheep have them than the bugs so I whacked away at the branches and covered the ground.  I'm sure they are all consumed now.  I checked out my Goatie Boy, either Nils or Lars, I can't tell anymore, to make sure his fly-strike is gone.  I noticed him kicking at his belly a few days back.  With Colorscape and work I never got to him, but it was nagging on my mind.  When I was watching the flock file out of the gate I was able to grab him - only because he is as old as the hills.  I rolled him over and sure enough - the buggers were doing a job on his private parts.  I dragged him closer to the barn and called Matt to hold him for me.  An hour later he was all trimmed, medicated and sprayed with Catron - the maggot spray that kills the worms and keeps more flies away.  This was my only fly-strike this year.  I feel fortunate as the heat and rain combined with a wet coat are invitations for an infestation.  You don't wish this horrible affliction on hour worst enemy.  Life on the farm.  Got the doggies out and climbed the big hill so they could take a swim.  A little hotter and I would have waded in too.  Back down with thunder rumbling in the distance and a light rain coming down.  After such a weird night I'm wary of losing power again.  I went out very late and saw a truck going around across the valley with a searchlight shining into the trees.  Must have been looking for downed lines.  My fan turned on around 1 am and I went to sleep.  I would have liked to hear all the 9-11 coverage but not this year.   What I did hear was barn yard sounds, babes calling mothers, mothers calling babes, cats yowling and roosters crowing.  I got quite a bit of soap wrapped and even read two issues of the NY Times.  I often buy it and never open a page until it's time to start a fire, then I try to skim all the interesting articles.    More soap wrapping tonight along with some sewing I hope.  The pile of totes on the machine has not diminished even by one.  Just too busy, then too pooped.  Glad I got some made before school started.

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