Monday, September 02, 2013


Started with a rumbling.  Did it wake me up, who knows.  I fell asleep "early" for me, like ten-thirty, and, by two, I was ready for my middle passage.  It started as a rumbling, became a full throttle crash-boom-bang, then heavy rain, then rumbling, then back to a banger again.  I tried not to wake up the dogs but the storm did it for me.  Much snuggling and comforting on the sofa.  Poor Knut hates thunderstorms and was yipping in the barn yard for me to come and get him.  I've done it a couple of times and that did it.  He's afraid of nothing on four feet but thunder is a different story.   What a downpour accompanied this storm.  I like the fact that there is endless barn and hay mow for little and big critters to take cover in.  No one needs get wet.  Thunderstorms make me miss my Lukie and how we used to sit on the haystack in the barn and watch them roll off Lake Ontario.  The kids have started school in Maine.  Talked to Hannah and she sounds optimistic about the school year.  Luke has lots of buddies on the bus.  Mia is in the Hamptons with her boyfriend for the weekend.  I have never met him but she likes him.   She doesn't want to bring him to the farm and that hurts me, but I understand.  This "alternative" rural lifestyle I live here isn't for everyone.  Eric and Annie just got back from a big dog Boy Scout meeting in Washington DC.   AJ is busy with the Episcopal Church in Las Vegas, and taking care of his soldiers.   We are all so far apart and did not spend much time together this summer at all.  Mia hasn't been to the farm since spring shearing and when AJ comes east he has lots of friends to see in New Jersey.  Eric is crazy busy with his Pine Tree Council in Maine.  Thankfully, he lets the kids come.  Good thing I don't start school tomorrow as I would be dragging my behind.  I cooked soap and dyed wool all day yesterday interrupted by a lengthy search for my lavender oil.  I had put it in the back of a dark cabinet behind a large chunk of cinnamon soap.  It was hot as Hades in the house and perfect drying weather outside.  I should have plenty of wool for shows this fall and spring.  On deck for today, critters, more wool - if the sun comes out - and lots of hand creme.  I have goats to shear.  Might be able to get spouse to help me since he is crippled with his broken ankle.  He fell off a tanker truck as a young man and nearly ripped his foot off.  Needs more surgery which I have encouraged him to get as he is covered with my teacher's insurance and who knows how long that will last?   Someday I will tend critters, read books and knit sweaters.  Starting Wednesday my life will be a rat race of working with kids, racing home to animals, keepting them alive, making product to support them, and going places to sell that product.  I think I will spin a bit and drink this double strength chamomile tea with milk and honey I made to help myself go back to sleep.  The wheel of life goes round and round.

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