Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Dozing off while making Patchouli hand creme labels.  Don't think I'll have any problem sleeping tonight.  4-5 hours a night is catching up with me.  Nasty toothache is making my jaw throb.  Dentist didn't answer the phone today.   I left the farm later than I wanted this morning.  I'm so neurotic about every water container getting filled, everyone fed, all things that doggies would be tempted to gnaw on put away, dog toys out, on and on.  Oh, yes, and me washed and dressed.  I zoomed down route 8 and noticed a car was in front of me for almost the whole 50 miles.  Sure enough it turned where I had to turn and into the BOCES school where I was going.   It was the Excellus Blue Shield rep.  We parked head to tail and as I jumped out to run for the gymnasim I heard do you have any empty hands?  She gave me a model of five pounds of fat - terribly life-like - for me to carry in to her table.  Just then a colleague pulled up on his Harley, and another teacher came rushing up the drive.  Misery loves company on the "walk of shame."  After dropping off the fat I was able to slide in the back of the gym but in full view of the Superintendent of Schools as he was starting his address.  One of these days I'm going to be slammed for this.  Meetings all day. So tedious, but many colleagues in the same boat.  Finally an hour's drive home to very happy doggies.  Can't believe no messes.  Got them up to the pond for a swim I was so proud of them.   Checked everybody over just a lot of needy goat kids and kitties.  Poor duckies in the cage had no water and were hopping up and down.   Have to give them a bigger pot tomorrow.  Got dinner going and poor Matt came in from the foot doctor.  Bad news they may have to operate and fuse his ankle.  Doc ordered him to lose 60 pounds and suggested no carbs, just meat, veggies and fruit.   Many changes around here.   Out to chores, then much soap to cut up.  Pushing hard to be ready for Colorscape.

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