Thursday, September 12, 2013

Powered Up

Oh, I do love my electric power.  Sadly, I was minimally equipped for the eight hour outage starting when I got home from work yesterday.  It was 95 when I left Norwich and down to 88 when I reached the cooler elevation of Brookfield.  The cold front moving in wreaked havoc in the heavens and the storms rolled in.  I ran around getting everybody watered but needn't have worried.  Soon enough the rain came accompanied by much thunder and lightning.  Surprisingly didn't bother the sheep a bit who kept grazing on the lush green clover with the light show going on around them.  Sadly the dogs are not as relaxed about it.  Poor Knut, who lives under the pine tree, begged to be brought in the barn and I brought him in.  Finn  hid under his trailer and Thor in his igloo inside the barn.  When I got back inside everything was quiet...and stayed quiet.  I think I will put a new generator on my Santa Claus list.   Too sweltering hot in the apartment for candles, but I got the gas stove going with a match for dinner.   It was a quiet night for me with storms continuing until midnight.  I saw the electric truck going along Beaver Creek Road across the valley, shining lights into the trees to find the problem I suppose.  I wrapped a lot of soap, sitting on the sofa with nervous dogs all around her.  I even got through the last two days of NY Times, previously untouched.  Lots of good stories, even the obits which I find fascinating.  I better write mine now to get it right, just in case.  As I tried to hypnotise myself into sleep with only Izzy's breathing to lull me into lalaland, the fan started up.  Typically, I got up to turn on the news.  All the 9/11 coverage I missed...  Seems so far away.  I was not yet living in Paradise where we feel so safe - and where we even have electric power most of the time.

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