Sunday, September 01, 2013


Hoping to get more wool dried today.  Have to get runs off to the carding mill to be ready for Rhinebeck.  Am thinking about giving Heather Lathrop of Dreamweaver some of my black mohair to card into yarn.  She does such a nice job with it.   It might take a while but the result is worth the wait.  I adore roving but, sadly, I think there are more people who knit than spin and knit.  Am looking at the Patrick Green Supercard.  I'd like to design some small batts and need a carder for that.  Would be fun I think.  I had a scare yesterday when I came home from the market and errands.  No mama duck and babies.  I figured she took them somewhere else when I wasn't around to give them snacks.  Duckies go wild when I throw out dry cat food for them.  They like it better than corn, surprisingly.  I kept checking outside the north side door where the family hangs out.  No duckies.  Went about my business of feeding animals, wrapping soap, feeding humans. Then, when I took the dogs out for their night-night pee, there they were.  Mama and babes tucked in together in the grass, right where I feed them, near the drying rack.  The dogs disturbed them but I made sure they got their dry kitty kibble to remind them that it's better to stay near the barn.  There is a lovely marsh between the barn and the piney ridge, but a fox lives there.  The White Boys keep the fox away from the barn.  On deck for today - washing, dyeing, washing again, spreading out to dry more wool.  I am OUT of lavender soap!!  Before I can make it I must milk Miss Fancy who acts like I am trying to kill her when I reach for her teats.  Will ask spouse to hold her, but he is nursing his ankle and every step is painful.  As a very young man he fell off the top of a tanker truck he was filling and almost ripped his foot off.  He did fine most of his life but now he's in a world of pain and is putting off more surgery that might give him some relief.  Hoping he can sit in a chair and give Fancy a hug so I can milk her.  Can't make goat milk soap without goat milk.  My Diana English Rose soap looks so pretty in the box.  I have six totes on the machine.  Would love to sew all day but those days are over for the summer.  Where did the summer go?  Don't know.  Would love to get it back.  Those precious halcyon days on the farm....

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