Monday, September 02, 2013

Off and Running

Must be up at half past five to get everything done and be out of here by seven.  It's fifty miles to the Masonville campus of our sister school where we must report for teacher's day back.  I pushed hard today to get as much done as possible, as if I will be cut off from everything I love from now on.  Not so but I will definitely have less time to play with animals, keep up the farm and make product.  I got a fair amount of wool washed-dyed-washed again-set out to dry today.  Will have two more nice runs at Rhinebeck this fall, Peacock Blue and Mustard/Magenta/Orange.  Just got a big rack of mustard inside in time for an incredible deluge of rain accompanied by another crash/boom/bang thunderstorm like the one that kept me and the dogs awake from 3 to 5 this morning.  Gosh we've had some wild weather.  I started making Shepherd's creme at 3 and finished at 9, starting chores late.  The rhythm of the farm was disrupted by the storm and my lateness but we all recovered.  Still have to screw on the tops of the jars and do labels, along with wiping my oily fingerprints off them all.  Half Patchouli and half Lavender.  The old hippies in Norwich will love the Patchouli at Colorscape this weekend. 

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