Saturday, September 28, 2013

Marvelous Market Day

Couldn't quite believe the sound of the alarm this morning.  Friday euphoria had me believing I was in for a little rest but it was not to be.  Twelve straight days of up early to work and long days have me a little worn around the edges but in a good way.  Got to the market with a decent amount of goods left from Fingerlakes and some lovely new wool runs.  I love the market in the fall when the mornings are cool and the sun gentle enough that you don't need a pop-up.  The patrons came slowly but steadily and the day was busy.  I saw New Jersey friends, school friends, fiber art friends and  market buddies.  Sales were steady and I was able to barter some of the new teal and orange wool for Susanne Farrington's lovely mugs.  I made my usual purchases of local Jake's Gouda, Heidelberg bread, hand churned butter, Heirloom cherry tomatoes, local honey, beeswax bricks and beeswax candles.  Stocking up on those for winter.  When the tapers run out I can make my own with braided twine.   The weather continues to be absolutely glorious.  I was wishing I could go to Vermont Sheep and Wool but with the Hamilton market being so good this year I'm happy to stay in my own neighborhood.  Vermont vistas could not be as spectacular as Brookfield and environs.  My own ridge lining the farm is lighting up with the annual show that entertains me whenever I walk out the door.  After my grocery packages were toted in I ventured out with the doggies to give them a wade in the pond.  There are still plenty of apples up in the trees to knock down for the sheep and goats

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