Saturday, September 14, 2013


The weather has changed so radically it's going to take some getting used to.  After 95 earlier in the week it was cold and damp today.  The market was uncomfortably cool and cloudy.  Jeans and a fleece vest were not enough.  The only warm part of me was my feet, enclosed in a delicious pair of Lynn's socks and boots.   That's the last time I'll be caught without a sweater.  Was worried about any patrons coming out then it got nicely busy.  Both Robin and Fawn came with their little ones along with other BOCES people including an administrator along with neighbors from Brookfield.  Was a fantastic day.  So funny to see their trucks parked at Tractor Supply after the market.  We all spend out money at the same place.  I went over to Price Chopper where I bought 3 Powerball tickets.  Somebody's got to win, right?  Home to the farm where I set out with my long bamboo pole to knock apples out of the trees for the sheep.  Now I know why the orchards use machines to shake the apples down.   I spied some oddly shaped fruit on one tree and realized I had pears and never knew it.   The sheep and goats are very grateful.  

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