Sunday, September 29, 2013

Morning Walks

I do so love my misty morning morning walks with the doggies before the sun comes over the piney ridge.  Aside from going to the village of New Berlin, ten miles away, to pick up the paper, which we missed last weekend, I'm home for the day.  Glory Be.  Can it be true?  It hasn't hit me yet.  What has hit me is the fact that even though I hold down a good, albeit stressful, job....along with running The Farm...there is house keeping to be done.   Big wool show in three weeks, but there is a certain quality of life issue here.  The sewing machine is calling, baby goats bursting with luscious kid mohair are begging to be shorn, dye pots out in the milk room need to be rinsed and put out to dry, but the floor is crunching when I walk on it.  I don't own a vacuum cleaner - something I hope Santa Claus will remedy - but I own a broom and it is a lonely broom that has not come out of the corner in several weeks.  The weather continues to be gloriously beautiful.  There is so much grass out there it's ridiculous.  I was feeding hay this time last year.  I'm sure the sheep will graze until the drifts are so high they can't dig through to it.  What a gift.  I'm bringing wool into school tomorrow to do some wool felting with the kids.  I'll start with colorful little balls to string together into necklaces and take it from there.  I can't do needle felting with our population, but I can do wet felting.  I'll try a project I watched Lisa Merian of Spinner's Hill do with a room full of 40 people a few years back.  She had us cover a tupperware container top with wool and wet felt it inside a zip lock bag.  It was amazing what the kids did under her direction.  I can't do it with the profoundly handicapped kids, but maybe, we'll see.  Miracles happen every

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