Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Good Shepherd Feeds her Sheep

I took my hill walk and did my Sunday worship at the Church of the Universal Shepherd.  I did not win the Powerball but that's okay.  I muse about what I would have done with the money but my life wouldn't change that much.  I'd buy Mia a house in Morristown, pay off Father Aaron's car, put money in a fund for Hannah and Luke's college and do a few things for myself.  I need a tractor with a front loader, a little house on the hill as it looks like Farmer Chris is not moving from the farmhouse that goes with this farm, fencing, a carding mill to do my own wool so I wouldn't constantly be in hock to Frankenmuth, and a whole lot of cats fixed.  Oh, and a fuel efficient car to get to work.  Work?  Hmmm, I don't know.  I'm working for health benefits as long as Matt works for his cute little Weatherization non-profit that doesn't provide bubkas.   Matt is very lucky.  He would keep his job even after winning the Powerball, that's how much he loves it.  Me, not so much.  I have plenty to do on this farm with my sheep and goats that I love to do.  My art program is going well but it's good to leave on a high note.  There are plenty of young teachers being churned out by all the SUNY schools here in NY who can't find jobs.  I wouldn't mind moving over to let one of them in.  Not everyone can work with my student population as we all aspire to sainthood on a daily basis.  Amen.  On deck for today....Clove soap, after I rub some of it on this tooth that either needs to be pulled or plugged up with more lead.  A great big giant 1950's filling came out exposing the nerve.  You would think it would be good to lose a few pounds but no such luck.  Amazing how humans adapt to handicaps.  I adore clove soap and people have been asking about it.  I have several Bundaflicka totes on the machine.  I tried to sew late into the night but Matt kept yelling for me to stop making noise.  I have a good bit of soap to wrap up, which I do enjoy.  It's like wrapping little toys and I love the way it looks in the box with the beautiful fabric Annie, Carol and Kim find for me.   I'm using smaller boxes I found at the dollar store, finally, making it easier to set up my soap table.  I have to find roving to bring West next weekend.  I'll have much more for Sheep and Wool in October.  Every minute is precious this week and I have to pace myself or I will stay up too late and be groggy at work.  A blessing I'm very aware of this Sunday is the hillside covered with lush green grass, clover and wild flowers.  I was feeding hay from my precious stores this time last year.  I should be grazing my sheep until snow covers the ground this fall.  Have to get Big Jim Baldwin over here for a shearing.  Might have to take a personal day as I'm sure his weekends are booked and I still have the farmer's market.  I have lots of goats to shear and the four giant beasties who escaped my yahoos when shearing this spring.  I hope their wool is still okay after a summer of rain and humidity.  I need to take those fleeces to Sheep and Wool this fall.  This time the yahoos won't get paid until all the candidates for shearing are caught and done.  Oh, yes, I have to get black fleeces out and skirt/pick them.  Raw fleece is a gold mine as it can be sold as is without washing and dyeing, saving me lots of time and $$.  Manna from heaven.  

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