Monday, September 30, 2013


As we went out for our night-night walk under the stars we caught the ducklings, all eight of them, getting ready for night-night in the barn yard.  Mom and her girlfriends were close by.  We had a lovely walk under the stars with the Milky Way prominently displayed across the sky.  The neighbors across the valley kindly turned off their glaring yard lights, leaving only little golden dots inside their windows.  I imagined them reclining on their sofas watching TV or reading the paper before they go night-night.  The doggies did their pees up on the hill and suddenly Thor, Finn and Knut began barking. Between their woof-woofs I could hear a large band of coyotes singing up a storm on the ridge.  They won't come near because they know who owns this neck of the woods.  We can all rest easy tonight, even eight little ducklings and their mama in the barnyard.

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