Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where Have You Gone Joe Saladino?

A school friend of mine has gone to greener pastures. Joe Saladino moved up here to the wilds of upstate New York after he retired from Riker's Island prison. Joe has worked at my school for several years now and we often ate lunch together. There are not many people I can talk to about farming, even here in God's country. Their eyes will glaze over and dart around while I prattle on about sheep and farm life. Joe loved to talk about farming. He is very handy and creative and would build all kinds of nifty feeders and things. Joe told me about how he got his chicken room all tricked up and even figured out a way to suspend a head of cauliflower from the ceiling for his beloved birds to peck at. I almost got Joe started with pigs - almost. Joe decided to take a job at the string factory a mile away from his farm. We'll all miss him and I'll miss our farmy chats.

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