Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Hump Day

Could it be true? One more day with the kids, then a day of meetings in a remote school district discussing Common Core Learning Standards, then a three day weekend! There are advantages to a career in education. We do enjoy some days off to fall back and regroup. Today was one of those "rough days at the office." I'm fortunate to have the best back-up possible to deal with days like today. My aides bear the brunt of it, I'm afraid to admit, but they are happy to do it and are so good at it. I have several bags on the machine and skeins of handspun I've just tied off and washed, and soap to wrap. Fingers crossed the economic doldrums that hit the Maryland Sheep and Wool patrons last spring do not affect the Rhinebeck crowd next week. One can only hope...

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