Monday, October 17, 2011

Spinner's Hill Shoppe

Mia, Kimmie and I visited Lisa Merian at her Spinner's Hill booth at NY Sheep and Wool. Candace, High Priestess of the Clan of Candace, was working Lisa's booth so we were able to visit with her, too. Candace just landed a job teaching developmentally handicapped people at Highland Farm in Munnsville. She is perfect for that job. Mia and I were wearing our Clan of Candace earrings, as we always do. Lisa has all kinds of wonderful goodies in her shop, including home-grown carded fiber in dazzling colors, sheep pottery, jewelry and fiber art equipment. Lisa is the one who told me to look for a farm in "Central New York." I remember saying "where's that?" as everything north of Manhattan is considered "upstate New York" to us "downstaters." She set me up with a real estate agent and the rest is history.

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