Saturday, October 08, 2011

I'll Miss the Market

I figure I have one more market day if I'm lucky. The weather is going to go downhill pretty fast. With Rhinebeck next weekend, which can be snowy, rainy, freezing, or ghastly hot, it will be two weeks before I get back to Hamilton. I'll miss seeing my market pals and the local visitors who come to see me there. Today Kathy Herrold, local art impresario and owner of the Hamilton Arts Center, invited me to participate in the newly formed Broad Street Gallery. Kathy is gathering artists and crafters from the area to display their wares in this upscale space on the town square. We'll gather for classes and social events in the studio and each other's homes in the area. Sounds like great fun and a good way to get us all through the cold, dark, snowy winter in upstate New York

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