Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On Deck

Ron Wagner, my veggie farmer buddy at the Hamilton Market, sold me some gorgeous cabbages real cheap. I'm hauling them into school today so my students can make soup. The school is out of money and we can't go shopping like we used to. I find myself bringing food in all the time. We are blessed with a full service kitchen and cooking is good for my students. They are constantly hungry, and working in the kitchen gives me an opportunity to bond with them and teach hygiene lessons, fractions, reading recipes, etc. When my power went out for three days I brought all my thawing pork products into school. It took three trips from the parking lot to get all the meat in my classroom freezer. When I went home, the power was back on. Oh, well. The kids loved the delicious sausages, bacon, ham steaks, etc. I also brought in what was left of my frozen cabbage soup - the Aleksandr Solshenitzen soup Matt spit on the ground. My kids loved it. The soup has been consumed and the pork is almost gone. We'll make more soup with these lovely cabbages and it will last for weeks, providing us with vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy when winter hits. I'm still dyeing fiber and have the drying rack full. Fingers crossed we have one more day of sunny weather. Rain expected tomorrow and all drying will be done inside in my "spare room," protected from chickens and cats, with a ceiling fan and baseboard heating. I still like to use Mother Nature whenever possible. Solar energy is free and the fiber smells like the outdoors. Time to get ready for school, but maybe I will sneak in ten minutes of sewing first???? Oh, I have the cutest, artsiest bags hanging from the rafters now....soon to be revealed to the world.

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