Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Picking Wool

There is something very soothing about picking a fleece, as much as I like to complain about it. Sitting outside in the sunshine, surrounded by the kitty cadre keeping me company (now there's some alliteration!), helps make the task much more pleasant. I pull apart the locks, picking out the burdock, hay, manure tags and whatever nature conspires to plant in my fleeces, and let the fibers slide through my fingers. Sheep wool is especially interesting, as it has lovely curls, called crimp. which makes the yarn nice and springy. If the sheep has been healthy and enjoyed the proper nutrition, the wool is glossy and strong. I have fleeces accumulating from the last couple of years. I'm hoping Kimmie Cornerstone can come for a weekend sometime after Rhinebeck and we can spend some time skirting fleeces together. It's a job made much easier with good company. For now I'll settle for Izzy and my kitties.

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