Thursday, October 20, 2011

Post Rhinebeck Slump?

I find myself dealing with a post Rhinebeck malaise this week. Much personal drama combined with a big push to get ready for NY State Sheep and Wool has left me wasted. I'm going through the motions, but feeling kind of down. It's times like this that I turn to my animals, to my spinning wheel and my sewing machine. I sheared an adorable little kid goat last night, and have a hefty plastic grocery bag full of lovely mohair. After chores I pulled a bag of black adult mohair, Monkey's I think, into the apartment and pulled locks apart while sitting on the sofa. My black mohair is the best fiber on the farm. It is healthier and glossier than my white mohair. Something in my pasture grass and water agrees with the black goats. I want a black mohair vest and will start one soon. Playing with my animals and their fiber reminds me of why I have the farm. It rained hard this morning but the weekend weather report is better. I'll go to the farmer's market as we only have another week or two in the season. It certainly won't be the heady experience Rhinebeck is, but I have a few bags left over and some soap - but no Shepherd's Friend Hand Creme!! I'll have to remedy that situation pretty quick. Keeping busy is the best medicine for me.

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