Thursday, October 20, 2011

Room O' Plenty

One of our favorite Special Ed. aides is leaving us for another job. My students made a lasagna dinner for him, complete with homemade garlic bread and salad. We made the wing smell soooo good and surprised our dear friend with a white tablecloth, flowers and nice dishes. He was overwhelmed and we had a great time. Our Social Worker and Phys. Ed. teacher joined us. I love to cook with my kids. It's a great bonding activity and I have an opportunity to teach them how to read a recipe, fractions, the importance of clean working practices, etc. The kids are always hungry, and have pleasant associations of full tummies, good smells, etc. After dinner we made popcorn in a big pot I brought in. A student had the idea, which I think is terrific. No expensive microwave bags needed - just oil, pop corn and a glass top so we can watch the show. What fun.

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