Monday, October 10, 2011

Full Moon and the Coyote Cadre

The moon rising over the ridge was so beautiful last night. It was full and luminous, and apparently inspired the local coyotes, too. My barn was surrounded on three sides (the remaining side was the road) by coyotes. They must have been circling, looking for a place to sneak in. I've heard of farmers keeping a radio on in the barn so the coyotes think someone is always in there - but they are too smart for that. They watch me from the ridge and know my habits. I love the coyotes, and make an offering to them whenever I lose an animal. I keep a dead pile up on the ridge, where I carry my losses and lay them out for the skinny little dog-like creatures who make such lovely music for me. Why don't I hate them? I don't have to as long as I have Thor, Finn and Knut. There will come a time when there are no more wild things on this Earth, and I don't want them harmed. I just want to co-exist peacefully with them, and I want them to leave my livestock alone. So far, I don't know of any losses to coyotes, unless someone has been picked off when up on the ridge. Last night I let Thor loose to patrol around the barn. Thor is more Maremma than Finn and Knut. Maremmas are "close guarders," and stay with the flock. My dogs are part Maremma, Pyrennees, Akbash and Tatra, and all those sheep guarding breeds have their own distinct guarding characteristics. Knut is more Akbash, and would have gone out looking to kill the coyotes. Finn would have backed him up, but is less aggressive. Thor was just right for the job, and oh, was he knackered this morning. He slept all day. I counted heads the best I could this morning and didn't notice anyone missing. Thank you, Thor.

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