Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Morning Musings

My internal alarm clock woke me early as usual. I sometimes attempt to go back to sleep but it rarely works. I'm so used to making myself get up to either take care of baby twins (as in the human kind) or check the barn for the other kind of babies, or to go to work as in my job. The human kids are old enough to take care of themselves now, and, I'm hoping for zero lambs or kids this year. I think I might have a kid or lamb or two as a couple of girls are looking very hefty. There's a lot of grass out there, still, so maybe it's just grass and apples making them look so fat. We'll see. I won't mind a little one or two, but not like last year. I have three bags on the machine, with some incredibly beautiful fabric I bought with some of my Rhinebeck earnings. Joann's in New Hartford had some cloth I had to have, greatly reduced and then half of that. I've decided I'm only going to sew with fabric that thrills me and produces bags that fly off the rack. If I wait for coupons from Joann's and use my teacher discount card (15%!)I can have that gorgeous fabric that I love to sew on. Heck, some of it cost me only $4 a yard with their Red Tag/Moonlight Madness sale. Some other cloth I lusted after was more like $20 reduced from $55, but the $4 stuff balances that out. Work continues in the barn. Beastie Boy has the roof on my little porch. I'm thrilled with it. Gone are the days when I have to walk through the gnarly, nasty milk room and haul my groceries and book bags through four doors to get to the apartment, getting the sheep all riled up because they think I'm carrying food for them. I even have a basket of dried Sweet Annie on my "front door" with a cute foot mat. Can't wait to put up wind chimes and Christmas lights. It's the little things... Lasagna for dinner, brought home from school when the students wouldn't eat the green peppers I put in the sauce. What is it about kids and green peppers? Fine with me, then I can work on the goats and sew some more. I'm spinning the black mohair roving I got back from the carder at Rhinebeck. Oh, this stuff is divine. Love the mohair - love it, love it. Naturally colored and it slips through my fingers and drafts so nicely. Thank you, goaties.

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