Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bag O' the Day

What else to do on a cloudy day but make a cheery bag? I thought this bag would be good to put out at the Syracuse Jazz Festival which is happening two short weeks at the Onandauga Community College. I'm working hard to get some product made just in case it's a good show. You never know at musical events. Sometimes people are just there to hear music and don't pay attention to craft vendors. We'll see...I look forward to hearing Richie Havens again. I saw him at a little church in Round Valley, New Jersey, many years ago with my friend, Sherry, and he was terrific. Boz Scaggs will be there, too. I don't recognize the other names, as I am not a real jazz fan, and I'm kind of out of it with spending these last 10 years in the company of sheep. It will be fun to spend the weekend at a big, happy festival which is only an hour away from where I live! Yay!

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