Thursday, January 29, 2015

Still Cold

It just doesn't let up.  Minus 18 F. this morning.  I knew it was cold when my hands were so numb under my gloves I couldn't open the rabbit cages.  I had to run them under hot water in the milk house to get some feeling back.  The sheep are eating a ton of hay.  Fortunately I have it to give to them and I'm not holding back.  I was at Julia's helping with Kelsey's second ewe who gave birth to another huge single ewe lamb.  Mother and babe doing well.  This ewe, a large Cotswold/Merino type purchased at auction, was so overwhelmed by the birth she did not want to get up.  I nursed out some colostrum while she was lying down and gave it to the lamb, then we moved the towel under the lamb away a few feet.  That got Mom thinking about getting up.  A little rocking back and forth on our part helped.  It felt good to be able to help my neighbor with her sheep.  Rushing out in the darkness under a starry moonlit sky was a little exciting.  I couldn't help but notice her barn full of cows was a lot warmer than my barn full of sheep.  Sheep have wool and internalize their heat.  Cows give off heat.  Best I can do is wear several layers of pants and good sweaters.  Commuting in this weather is not fun.   Driving back and forth on icy snow covered roads is very stressful.  More snow is forecast for tonight.  Winter continues to have an icy grip on us.  

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