Tuesday, January 06, 2015


I knew something was up when he didn't answer his phone.  Spouse calls me like clockwork when he is coming home from work....mostly to let me know to get dinner ready.  When he did call he told me he bought a "new" truck - a 1989 Dodge Ram pick up, and that I shouldn't mind because, after all, I had bought myself a few new sheep.  Okay.  I'm thinking - just what we need - another old vehicle to pour money into.  Matt has never met a lost cause used car that he didn't like.  It seems this truck was a farm vehicle, with one owner, and was used to haul vegetables, hay bales, etc.  All it needs, he says, is a new gas line which he will install himself.  He only paid $200 for it and it only has 117,000 miles on it.  He says he is going to put a cage in the back for hauling animals.  Obviously he has prepared his argument ahead of time.    I'm noticing how excited he is, like a boy with a new toy, and I'm starting to realize I can put two round bales in the back.  Anyhow, it is here and it matches my pole barn.  

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Lynne Rettberg said...

And you can add a camper top for sleeping in at various sheep & wool festivals