Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Not For Sissies

It snowed off and on all day today, even though the temps were diving to a place where snow doesn't usually happen. Work went a little better than yesterday, thank goodness, and the angry student was a little less angry today.  He was almost ashamed of his behavior yesterday, typical of a young person frustrated with his failure to succeed, and approached me with a favor first thing this morning.  He handed me a strap of fabric and asked me to make him a belt.  His was broken and he didn't want his jeans to fall down.  I took it as an overture of friendship.  He could easily have run a rope through the loops and tied a knot, but he wanted to interact with me in a way that he knew I couldn't refuse.  I sewed a belt complete with buttonhole and button and he went about the work he had such resistance to yesterday.  No outbursts of "You're not helping me!" or the familiar, "NOBODY likes you!"    Who can you lash out at besides the mother who has abandoned you?  Your teacher!  Anyway, we're okay now.   The day wore on and  I ran out of work at 3 to head home, hoping I wouldn't find frozen pipes, etc.  The roads were fairly slippery but manageable.  I regretted wearing jeans today, as they are not warm at all and let the chilly air in.  Not a good day to slide off into a culvert.  The drip I left on in the kitchen apparently did the trick. I still had running water.  The dogs were very happy to see me, especially so when I let them lick up the gallon of milk I dropped on the floor as soon as I got in the door.  I'm always trying to carry too much, and the warm mittens I had on were slippery.  The milk exploded and ran all over the place.  Our walk was brief.  I forgot to cover my entire face and it burned from the cold wind.  The dogs did their business and were waiting for me at the door.  Two of them were walking on three legs as they kept picking up one painful paw at a time.  Back inside to the fire I had built up before we went out.  Everyone in the barn looks okay.  I have to remind myself that we have been here eight years and have survived okay until now.  The barn windows are frosted over.  It's 20 F. in there at 7 pm with a long night to go.  As long as I can keep them watered and hayed we should be fine.  If the power goes out I have plenty of wood to burn and candles to light.  We've been so spoiled with mild temps so far this winter and now we have to buckle down and deal with it.   Three more months of this weather, I reckon.  Not for sissies.

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