Monday, February 02, 2015

Snow Day!

What joy!  No need to rush through morning chores, scrape off the cars, or creep along slippery roads.  I was skeptical but my school buds posted the good news online early on.  I played with the doggies outside, took my time with chores,  took photos of the beautiful snow and ate two breakfasts.  Yes, I'm naughty on snow days.  I mopped the work room floor and cut out several bags.  I played with bunnies and kitties.  I finished plying the bobbins of magenta started in the gallery on Saturday and washed it in my new workroom sink.  The cabinet pulls are perfect for hanging skeins over the sink.

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Penny said...

I have been wishing for Snow Day for months! All we have is rain and mud. :(