Thursday, January 08, 2015


Sub zero here.  Everything frozen to the touch.  The windows in the barn are covered with frost.  Water freezes very quickly.  I have stainless steel dishes for the bunnies and have to knock out the frozen water twice a day.  Sometimes it won't knock out and I have to pour warm water on the bottom to loosen it.  It all takes time.  The bunnies have learned that they better drink quickly or be thirsty.   I stopped to buy them broccoli on the way home and it froze before they could eat it all.  I feed and water everybody in the barn before I go to work, and sometimes when I get home, then again after dinner.  Bunnies, sheep, goats, chickens, dogs, cats.  I make sure everyone has had a drink.  Matt takes the dogs out (so he can have his morning smoke) then forks down hay.  The eggs I collect are frozen, except for the ones I pull out from under the hens, which are warm and lovely.  I always feel guilty and accept the pecking of the angry moms.  It's what I deserve for stealing their babies.  We had several school districts with delayed openings today.  Too cold to stand out and wait for the bus.  The sun did come out, but it remained awfully cold.  I wore my silk underwear and was glad I did.  Almost as thin as pantyhose and incredibly warm.  Will do the same tomorrow.  Temps will moderate a bit in the coming days, thankfully, but then it might be warm enough to snow.  With Matt going away on business next week I might get snowed in.  I would plow myself out but don't think I can get his 1946 Ford tractor started.  We'll see how it goes.  For now, it's tidy up the kitchen, make my chamomile tea, stoke the stove, and spend some serious quality time on the sofa with the doggies.  It's a three dog night.

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