Friday, January 02, 2015


I'm surprised to find more eggs in the chicken room than usual, especially when egg production during the darkest time of year diminishes dramatically.  I'm feeding the chickens very well and keeping adequate water in there for them and I think that makes a difference.  I don't have a light on them, but there is a light outside their room in the barn.   I enjoy bringing eggs to school every day to cook for my students.  The school gives them breakfast but they are often still hungry.  Brownies, cookies and cakes all require eggs for baking.  The kids make fun of my "poo-eggs" as a little bit of the hen's behind is often stuck to the egg.  Think about it - in a chicken factory the eggs fall down a hole as soon as it leaves the chicken.  On the farm the hens are able to sit on their eggs until I steal them.  They always protest as I am taking their babies away from them.  I tell them that's how they earn their keep, and give them cabbages to keep them happy.

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