Thursday, January 01, 2015

First Day

I always think I should do something celebratory on the first day of the year.  There is so much to be done on the farm on any ordinary day that it's pretty much laid out already.  I am dragging a bit as I have been since Christmas when I visited Eric's lovely home in Maine and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I blame it on the cold, on eating too much good food, on the Yule Glug, etc., but it's been several days and I don't have those excuses any longer.  I think it's just plain laziness after working very hard throughout last year, on the farm, on shows, in school, etc.  We don't take "vacations" as farmers rarely do, unless they are very lucky and have people who will step in and take over.  We don't.  I slip away to Eric's for Christmas, or to sheep shows.  Matt travels around the state teaching weatherization and stays in nice hotels.  We take "working vacations."   Working outside in this cold takes some getting used to.  I can't dress too heavily as I just end up stripping off layers in the barn as I heat up.  I come back inside and positively swoon from the heat of the wood stove.  Not complaining...wood heat is the best heat in the world.  I think I will make soap today - almond, one of my favorites, and do some sewing. Last night was very quiet.  I fell asleep while spinning on the sofa and woke up in time to see the Ball Drop.  I tried to call AJ and Mia but got no answer.  That's okay, I know they were partying and that's a good thing.  Matt was snoring away and limp dog bodies were lying all about, with little legs kicking, dreaming doggie dreams.  I stoked the stove up real good as the temps were diving.  I have a nest of three little bunnies who I bring inside every night or they would surely freeze.  I think I will comb some bunnies today, too.  Love the bunners and love their angora fiber.  Now we begin our long journey back to the light and the heat.  Spring is a glorious celebration here in the North Country.  Lambs will be coming soon, and so will Maryland Sheep and Wool, that marvelous gathering of the fiber art people, where everyone understands exactly what I am all about, and wishes they could be as lucky as I am to have this beautiful little farm...and my animals.  It's all about them.

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