Saturday, January 03, 2015


I made it to the little village PO before 10:30 and picked up my mail.  The hours have been cut back so drastically but I suppose I have to be glad it was not closed.  I swung by Liz Vermeulen's sheep farm to pick up some custom mixed minerals she graciously offered to sell me.  My soil is selenium deficient and it 's tough to find ways of supplementing adequately without giving the sheep shots of it.  The sheep like these minerals and look funny with their white noses after dipping in it.  They jostle and squeeze to get into the mineral bucket.  We got everyone situated then drove to Utica to attend the weatherization agency Christmas party at Aqua Vino.  The artichoke/spinach dip was to die for and the company very pleasant.  I like this hard working group of people who strive to keep the poor, the elderly, and the disabled warm in NY.  The boss gave Matt recognition for getting the agency accredited and teaching the Quality Control Inspector certification.  I gave out bags of soap and hand creme to his workers.  We drove home in the most miserable icy rain on slushy roads that had not been plowed.  I was grateful it was not a full blown blizzard, but ice is no fun either.  The little Saturn spun out once on route 8 but we managed to get home in one piece.  I went out for chores and was done by 11:15 or so.  It was kinda cool to be up in the spooky hay mow, although the new lights help make it a little less spooky, listening to the rain pelting on the roof.  The sheep are very grateful for my efforts, even late at night, and line up on either side of the feeders, munching happily away. Climbing back down I saw Knut come into the barn with his dinner, a large wild rabbit.  He was very proud of himself and laid down next to it, guarding it from any curious cats that might want to take a sniff.  When he was ready he put one paw on the rabbit and ripped the head off, chewing it up, ears, bones and all.  I didn't stay around to watch but went about my business.  Within minutes it was all gone.  I figured he didn't need any dinner and fed Thor his canned beefy dog food on top of kibble with eggs.  Back inside I'm reluctant to go to bed as this is my last night of staying up late on my vacation.  I adore my late night quiet time.  It's really the only time I have to myself, after every living creature under my care is fed, watered and bedded down.  The fire is stoked and full of logs but I'll need more by morning. I should have gone out to the silo room and brought a load in but I'm not going out there now.  I'm sure the barn yard will be a sheet of ice by morning.  I'll deal with it then.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about those late nights during the breaks. I could use another week off, but school starts Monday. :) Helen