Friday, August 01, 2014


Friday night and I'm in from chores at ten pm.  The waxing crescent moon is stunning, hanging there, dark gold in color, peeking through the dark blue cloud cover.  Knut has the best view in his igloo under the pine tree.  I came home with another crate of blueberries.   I can't help myself.  I want to put them up this weekend.  They are just delightful, all perfectly round and sweet with no stems or bad ones, loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins.  The farmer from Oxford brings them to my school and sells them to us for a good price out of the back of her car.  My ride home was very delicious.  While driving through New Berlin I met up with spouse who was at the pharmacy picking up his pain meds on the way home from Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown.  We got dinner at the pizzeria to celebrate his home coming to the farm.  The "picc" line is rather gruesome, entering his arm at the bicep and going into his chest.  I suspect he caught the staph infection from the first surgery on the foot but here we are.  IV meds were delivered by a very confused man, driving a little ambulance, who I found standing in the driveway staring at the barn.  Yes, we live here.  A visiting nurse is coming tomorrow to inspect the picc line and teach him how to medicate himself.  Nurse Mia is coming from NJ to make sure everything is okay.  The Land of Poo is not the best place to fight any infection but this is where we live.  I prefer to think of it as a place where we are developing the best immunity to a variety of things.  I'm making a few jars of Shepherd's Friend tonight to take to the Hamilton market tomorrow.  My production has been seriously cut short this summer due to working summer school.  I'm a month away from the start of the fall show season.  Two more weeks of school.   I'll miss the kids something awful.  They are really growing on me.  Would love to bring a couple of them home with me but I'd be accused of using them for cheap farm labor.  Thing is, a stable life here on the farm would be a wonderful way to grow up.  

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