Sunday, August 24, 2014

Trip to Bountiful

We wanted to do something special today as it is Lukie's Birthday Eve and his mother is coming to get him tomorrow night.   Tried to hook up with Shepherd Mary but couldn't make it.  We packed up and drove over to the Button Falls waterfall, the scene of many happy times with just about everybody in my small circle of friends and family.  We hiked down to the floor of the little canyon and quickly noticed the water was high in the creek leading from the falls.  Our excitement built as we waded up the stone floor of the stream and heard the pounding of the water coming closer.  Luke swam in the pool while I marveled at the force of nature that carved out this oasis.  Fortunately he didn't push me too hard to come in the water.  It's not that hot today and I was not anxious to submerge in the icy water.  I watched and took pictures and tried to freeze this moment in time.  We sat and talked a while then made our way back down the rushing stream bed to the trail up the steep hillside.  When we reached the top and the edge of the forest canopy opened up to the warm sun it was quite welcoming.  I asked Luke what he wanted for his Birthday Eve dinner and he thought carefully about it.  Finally he said, "My own bowl of bacon."  I had served the bacon in a bowl the other night and he ate the whole thing.  I said fine, no problem!  Once home I teased up the Shetland I had on the drying rack and turned on the news.  Luke headed for a hot bath tub.  There are always a million things for me to do at home, from toting water to animals, throwing corn out for chickens and ducks, filling cat food bowls, taking dogs out to pee, it goes on and on.  For a few minutes I had complete peace and solitude with my grandson.  Priceless. 

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