Monday, July 28, 2014

Fresh Tomato Salsa

Shepherd Mary said come on over and get some veggies from her garden.  Well, the garden is a wonderland of many varieties of vegetables bursting out of raised beds under portable greenhouses.  Mary sent me home with her own broccoli, two varieties of kale, beets, squash, Swiss chard, and some fresh cilantro.  I did not know this, but if you let cilantro go to seed you get coriander.  I never knew that.  Mary took me on a ride in her Kubota off road vehicle up to the top of her mountain where she and husband, Robert, have a camp.  What a fun ride it was, climbing up through the woods on the winding trail.  The camp has a lovely trailer in a field of purple wildflowers, with an outdoor shower, hammock, fireplace, cook stove and some mouth dropping, breath taking views of surrounding hills.  I came home convinced there is no prettier place to live on the East Coast.  I set about making some very delicious salsa, with crispy corn, red onions, lots of lime, jalapeno peppers, vine tomatoes (Mary's are not ready yet) and the cilantro I was so happy to receive from my friend across the creek.  We ate a giant bowl of salsa for dinner with corn chips.  I love the stuff. 

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