Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another Day in Paradise

Monday, Lukie's Birthday, it was real hot with a clear blue sky.  Today is cloudy and cool.  No rain all week.  The clouds parted yesterday afternoon and gave us some blue sky followed by a spectacular "Key West" sunset, with dark streaks over intense pastels.  Gorgeous.  I stepped out of my barn and gasped.  I'm missing Luke and mourning for the little girl Hannah used to be when she liked long lazy summers on the farm, but they are growing up and moving on to new adventures.  Both are starting school today.  Luke will be reconnecting with his buddies.  He loves, loves, loves clothes and will surely have on a snappy outfit.  Hannah will be sporting the vintage red Coach messenger bag I found for her online.  I gave it to her for back-to-school and she loved it instantly - it matches her hair!  On the Family News front - Mia is still acting as Primary Care professional at Care Station, treating the masses who use that medical venue for every ailment under the sun.  She is learning TONS of good information she will take to whatever she decides to do next.  Father Aaron is loving active duty Army life at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.  He is preaching weekly to an Episcopal congregation made largely up of officers from West Point and foreign soldiers attending a Captain's Artillery Training School.  With a staff of three to help with various programs he has going Father A. is very busy.  Number 1 son, Eric, is happy with the way his programs went at BSA Camp Hinds in Maine.  Annie taught pistol safety courses on the various ranges built by the Army Corps of Engineers Eric brought in to help renovate the camp.  Hannah was on the counselor staff and loved helping the little boys get over their homesickness and get into camp activities.  Maggie is busy working with wool and getting ready for the fall.  I took a walk up top yesterday and gosh, I wish my camera had not decided to die.  The sheep lined up so beautifully a couple of times, asking to be photographed against the breathtaking views.  If only I had not stored the point and shoot in the Cradle of Civilization so often.  The lens is fused and won't be budged.  Second time it's happened.  Will have to break down and get that smart phone to take pictures and keep in touch.  Maybe not so much to keep in touch, although it's good to have some way to call help if I step in a foot deep ground hog hole.  The dogs usually tell me where the holes are as they gather around them and stick their noses in.  Nobody is ever home as the White Boys have taken care of the critters long before.  I follow the sheep trails over the fields.  They know where the holes are and have laid down lovely meandering paths over the hillside....however, they lose all sense while gorging on the lovely, short, sweet grass I was hoping to get a second cut with.   The barn is FULL of hay, so I don't mind.  Better they go into winter nice and fat.  It will be a long wait for spring once the killing frost comes.  The forecast says another long, cold winter.  I don't have a stick of firewood, but I have HAY!  The sheep come first, so that's okay.

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