Sunday, August 03, 2014

My Buddy is Back

Luke is here and it finally feels like summer.  Eric flew him into the Hamilton Municipal Airport while I was working the farmer's market.  I left my booth and drove over to the airport to pick him up.  We watched Eric check the engine on the Ercoupe and get ready to take off for the return trip to Maine.  He had to get going and stay ahead of the weather.  I brought Luke back to the market where he went to work at the booth while I went shopping for my usual purchases of Jake's cheese and beeswax candles.  It was hot as Hades as I was glad to have help packing up.  Once loaded we drove over to Tractor Supply and Price Chopper where our earnings were put to good use.    Eric made it back to Portland, Maine, with 6 hours of flying time. Driving would take 14 hours, round trip.  We returned to the farm and found Mia waiting for us.  My weekend was looking better and better.

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