Friday, August 29, 2014

Home on the Farm

Yesterday's lovely cool weather is giving way to warmth and humidity this weekend.  Wish I had more wool to set out and dry but I have so much at the carding mill it will cost me a fortune to get it out of hock.  That's okay, I need it.  Kimmie Cornerstone will have a coronary when she sees it all.  She loves to spin my Mother Fiber.  Celebrating my almost-last-day-of-vacation by staying home on the farm the whole dang day.  What a joy.  I have a large batch of patchouli soap to cut up and put out to cure, and lots of balls of unscented soap to roll.  I have the ingredients to make one more batch and I think that will be almond.  Oh, the joy of it.  Inhaling patchouli and almond in the same day?   There is a pile of totes to sew calling to me by the sewing machine.  Yesterday my plans to get some work done were interrupted by a long overdue trip to the cardiologist in Cooperstown.  Nice lady but she takes so much time with her patients I waited two hours for my turn.  Next time I see her I have the first appointment of her day.  Smart move.  I shudder to think that the best remedy for my particular issue might be giving up COFFEE!  What a cruel twist of fate on one hand, but, on the other hand, how lucky I am that I might benefit from something I can do for myself without even the purchase of a prescription?  More tests to follow....yuck, yuck, yuck.  I'm the healthiest person I know and I want it to stay that way.  As I write I lift up my eyes to see the sheep grazing on the hillside, the ultimate bucolic setting.  Other than a couple of old girls with bad knees everybody looks good.  With Matt still pumping antibiotics into himself  through a pic line for the staph infection he is not much help wrangling sheep and goats with me.  Just changing the sterile dressing took us a half hour last night.  He wraps an ace bandage around that area of his arm to protect the dangling orifice while at work.  Two more weeks of daily injections.  Oh, right, I have to wait for a delivery of meds for him today.  Thank you, teacher bennies.  

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