Monday, August 11, 2014


The little ones love to paint.  It's magical to them.  When they ask if they can paint and I say yes, it's a big deal.  I don't think they get much opportunity to paint in their district schools.  They are so thrilled when I put pots of paint with brushes in front of them.  We painted clowns today for the circus theme our summer school is displaying this week.  Only four more days of school.  I'll let them paint every afternoon if they want to, after their academic work is done, and playground, and gym, and lunch, and therapies, and story time.  I'll miss the little ones.  I try to imagine their futures.  It's not an easy thing to imagine and, when I factor in their handicaps, not necessarily a promising one...but they have beautiful spirits.  I hope their spirits will see them through the hard times.  I hope I've bolstered their spirits a little in the few weeks I've had them all to myself.

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