Sunday, August 03, 2014

Rainy Day Swim

We had a lovely swim in the pond last night.  There is something magical about immersing oneself in spring water filtered through a mountain of shale.  The surrounding beauty of the hills contributes to the feeling of complete relaxation and serenity.    We had to go back for more today.  The forecast said rain but with the lovely morning weather we didn't believe it.  When we waded in the air was hot and sticky.  Not for long.  Dark clouds rolled in and the rain began.  It's an odd but not unpleasant feeling to be rained on while swimming in a pond.  The rain and pond water temperature felt about the same.  The dogs, who had been swimming in the pond with us, were not amused.  They hid under the picnic table.  We decided everyone had enough and walked slowly back to the barn in the rain.  Swimming in the pond with Luke and Mia made it finally feel like summer for me.

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