Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tie Dye

The teacher of the little ones asked us if we could tie dye in art class if she brought in the shirts.  I said sure thing and brought in my Jacquard wool dyes.  They are very intense and did the trick.  The kids seemed to like the blue the best.  After school I rushed home so we could take some of the dogs to the free rabies clinic in New Berlin.  Matt is far from recovered from his foot infection but came with me to hold the smaller dogs, Izzy and Reba, while I struggled with Cooper and Bertha.  My dogs don't get off the farm much, if ever, but then, why would they when they live in Paradise?  Taking them to stand quietly in a line full of nervous barking dogs of every shape and size imaginable was a bit much to ask.  I stood off a distance while Bertha and Cooper barked and barked.  Finally they calmed down enough for me to join Matt, Izzy and Reba in line.  The vet was late to arrive so we had a while to wait.   I asked the lady behind me with the German Shepherds to please not crowd us as I truly did not know what my dogs would do if they were sniffed in the behind by strange dogs.  They were fine.  We finally moved past the document table to the vet, a small, older woman who wore stretch tights and drove a BMW wagen.   I thought I would straddle Cooper and hold him but he threw me off.  The vet said "there's one in every crowd."  Cooper stood quietly while she stuck him in the back thigh.  He just wanted me to give him a chance to be good.  Those dogs were SO happy to pile back into Matt's little Saturn and get back to the farm.  The exertion put Matt back on the sofa with his bottle of pain pills.  I don't know what they did to his foot but the infection must have been in the bone and they must have scraped it good.  He is hardly progressing at all and I am in need of some major help around here.  It's 11 pm and I have just sat down to write this.  Going horizontal in about five minutes.  Nighty-night.

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