Friday, June 20, 2014

Life is What Happens When You Are Making Other Plans

Got a call from Matt while I was at work today.  He told me he was going back to the hospital in Cooperstown to have his wound looked at.  He took the bandage off and saw that it was oozing again.  The pain had been waking him up at night.  Mind you, this wound has already been cultured twice.  I don't think Bassett in Cooperstown, big fancy teaching hospital that it is, sent him home too soon.  I am very unhappy with his course of treatment, that is, after they sent him home from the ER with a raging infection.  It was only after he went back two days later having gotten worse that they admitted him.  With all the different doctors and students looking at him I don't even know who is in charge of him.  Had a long talk with the patient advocate at the hospital today.  I'm writing down everything I can think of in case I need to seek legal counsel.  In the meantime I have a field full of thistles that need to be cut down and two five hundred pound pigs that are chasing me around the farm.  I have an appointment on Monday but what now?  No farmer's market tomorrow.  I'll have to make the weekly run to the feed mill in Waterville,  take care of the farm, then travel to Cooperstown.  It will be a lot of driving but that's what we do in the wilds of upstate New York - we drive and drive and drive some more.

 I got my summer school assignment today - ten 8 or 9 special needs kids and three aides.  One in a wheelchair, two almost without sight.  This will be interesting.  I'm not used to being with the same kids all day.  Lots of games and outside time.  They assigned me a beautiful, big classroom with good A/C that belongs to some colleagues of mine.  I hope they are still friendly with me after I'm in their room for six weeks.  

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